sharon knorr productions started in 1990…

selling hamburgers, athletic shoes and clothes, safe driving, safe boating and seat belt use, great hospital care, exercise machines, say yes or no on different political measures in Oregon and best of all telling stories on video of inspiring companies and individuals.

I have the sometimes unique qualifications in the artistic world of being both creative and possessing good business and organizing skills. I am good at managing people and am not afraid to make decisions. Because I am also an actress, I know how to cast the best talent and make non professionals feel comfortale on-camera.  I am very comfortable in presentations and know what makes a successful “show”. AND… every once and a while, I am the writer, producer, director and the on-camera talent at the same time.

What ever it takes….

Some past clients…

Nike, Special Olympics Oregon, Vogel Communications, Weyerhaeuser, Atomic Direct, Gard Communications, TGF Productions, Downstream Digital, Tyee Productions, North by Northwest Entertainment…

What some of them said….

Sharon is an excellent producer – her ability to organize a large productions is outstanding, moreover she has the unique knack of working well with creative people – a difficult task in the world of filmmaking. Together we have produced numerous projects from commercials, to series development, to helping non-profits with documentary style stories.
You can count on Sharon for clear, concise communication and to execute her job with passion and flair.

David Tanner, President, Non-fiction division, North by Northwest Entertainment
I have worked with Sharon in various capacities for more than fifteen years. Whatever her role, she delivered the utmost in professionalism, creativity, practical sense and an unusual ability to get the job done – regardless of huge challenges or even small, nagging ones.
The skill she has developed as an actress and performer only enhance her ability to work effectively with both creative-types, and less creative-types. As a contract producer for me on countless occasions and projects, my practice with Sharon is to give her the big picture, the limitations and the worries, and then turn her loose to make it happen. She anticipates issues, concerns and potential problems no one else has considered. But she doesn’t just raise them, she proactively solves or helps to solve them. From producing award-winning TV ads with an impossibly restrictive budget to producing multi-media events on which significant reputations, dollars and the attention of huge audiences depend – Sharon always gets it done, well.

Paul Vogel, Vogel Communications Every once in a while, an individual comes along who just seems to “have it all.” Such is Sharon Knorr.
I have worked with Ms. Knorr for a number of years and consider her the consummate professional, one who happens to also have more talent than one human being ought to be allowed to possess. She has been a major contributor to a number of major projects with which I have been associated in the business, non-profit and political sectors. In all cases, her involvement made a difference.
She has a remarkable sense of her “audience”, across multiple media and regardless of its demographic. She can often manage multi-faceted projects, never losing sight of the vision while effectively delivering on every detail. She has the marvelous, almost uncanny, ability to take the “message” and, through deft public relations and creative talent, make it mean something to everyone, whether a far-reaching television audience or an audience of one.

Margaret Hunt, CEO, Special Olympics Oregon
Sharon Knorr Productions