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thanks to all of you who came out for the winter/spring shows

I will be gearing up this summer to start a new season in the fall

The Solo Speak Sessions is a

sharon knorr productions production


Are you interested in learning how to perform personal stories?

Producer-director- performer Shay Knorr of Solo Speak, will be giving personal story performance workshops called “First Speak”  in Bend, Oregon.  Participants will create a 10-12 minute personal story, with coaching on structure, intent, conflict, resolution, editing and performance skills.  The stories will be performed in a group showcase called “The First Speak Sessions”.

Participants must be available to attend all the collaborative sessions; be open to group feedback and suggestions from the coach; be willing to perform in front of an audience and be enthusiastic in promoting First Speak by inviting friends and family to the showcase performance.

Storytelling is a powerful art form that can heal the performer as well as the listener.  In these times of electronic communication, a live person on a stage sharing their personal experience out loud can be a life transforming event.

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